The Patient Guide

Your Guide to our Clinic to help you prepare for a visit!


Health In Baku serves you a best guality consulting and guiding service.

Health In Baku is a point that offers you suitable healthcare services from the day of your request until the time you return to your home country.

This team of dedicated professionals organizes the “Healthcare Journey” of international patients according to their needs and expectations.

  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Making hotel arrangements
  • Arranging ground transportation from the airport
  • Assisting with visa procedures
  • Estimating cost of services
  • Ensuring that you understand the instructions from physicians
  • Obtaining and delivering  copies of medical reports after consultations

Medical Consultations

If you are seeking a physician consultation, we suggest that you send your complete medical history, along with any applicable x-ray films and laboratory test results via e-mail, fax or post-mail. Once a physician has reviewed your medical history, we will contact you about the recommended course of treatment and whether it is advisable to travel.

Once we have determined that your treatment at our center is appropriate, we will schedule all your physician appointments including diagnostic and laboratory tests & procedures, as well as surgical procedures if necessary. Appointment availability depends on the nature and urgency of medical situation.

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